Recurring Invoices on Last Day of Month

I’m not sure if this is a Bug or working as it should, but I’m trying to set up Recurring Invoices on the last day of the month, which is either the 30th, 31st or 28th Feb.

However, when a month has 30 days, the recurring Invoices are sent as planned, but the following month all the dates are set to the 30th instead of the 31st.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I know @BanksyBoy had a similar problem and we did put in a fix for this a few weeks ago. Are you using the dynamic variable ||MONTHEND+1M||?

Hi Glen, I think this is to do with the Start Date and Frequency of the Recurring Invoice…, The dynamic values can’t be used can they?

If I set the Start Date as 31st of the month and Frequency to monthly… it works fine for the the first month, i.e. it send out the Invoice on the 31st… but then the following month Quickfile sets the recurring Invoice to the 30th and from that point on every recurring Invoice is set to the 30th…

I would assume that in February it will automatically set the date to 28th Feb and then all recurring Invoices will be the 28th,

The only fix seems to be to manually adjust the Recurring Start Dates for each Invoice effected in this way.

I hope this explains the problem/bug a bit better for you.

Sorry @Glenn, I’m with @ncompass on this point. The recurring invoices set to the 31st went out on 30th in Nov, no problem. But in December they again went out on the 30th… So I suspect it is a different issue?

All the best for the New Year, btw!


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Yes it is a different issue, what we resolved previously was just the dynamic variable…nothing to do with the issuing sequence. My fault I should have read the post properly!

I don’t think this is strictly a bug as on any other day you would expect it to iterate forward from that same date to the next month. But yeh 95% of the time if you set the date to the last day of the month, then you would expect it to move forward to the last day of the next month. We could write this into the code but I’m always cautious that there’s a small percentage out there that would find this auto-adjustment undesirable? Will need to have a think on this one.

Understood… So will next month reflect 31st? And then March ones would land up being 28th, so not long before a February challenge :wink:

Thanks to you both @BanksyBoy - I would have thought it perfectly common to do month end Invoicing, it sounds normal, but I am not an accountant, if there is a way around this I am very willing to hear it… but I’m a bit loathed to move all Invoicing the the 1st of the month if that can be helped.

The ideal solution would be to have a Frequency Option for ‘Month End’ or something like that.

maybe QF could use a code that would pick up ‘end of calendar month’ rather than 30 days from last invoice. I use other accounting software where there is no problem in this situation, however i usually tend to use 1st day of each month for my general invoicing and this also tends to be done on 1st of each month regardless of number of days in the month.

I don’t think end of month invoicing is all that common. A reasonably quick fix would be for us to auto-adjust any next due date to the last day of the following month, but I have some doubts about this. Any other approach would break from our current format and would probably require quite a bit more work.

Next week I’ll run some stats to see how common end of month invoices are and we’ll explore this in further detail.

Cheers… but I totally understand you have some priorities that are much more important.

The reason we have end of month invoices is simply for charging the next month’s hosting fee or similar and I am not fussed if we allow it to migrate in time to a consistent 28th of the month after next month! I’d far rather not hinder the further development of QF :wink:


Not at all! I do acknowledge that this needs to be handled in some way, we’re already looking into this. In fact this “last day of month” logic needs to be applied to recurring purchases and journals, so there’s definitely a strong case there.

@BanksyBoy, @ncompass, @Sam There is now an additional option End of month that you can use for recurring sales, purchases and journals.


That’s brilliant - thank you so much

Wonderful, many thanks.