Recurring invoices template ||keyword|| doesn't work

I have recurring invoices with description of "Fee ||MONTH-1D|| ||YEAR-1D|| and when the invoices are created, it just shows the text “||MONTH-1D||”, when expecting the actual month

Hello @Pablo_Albrecht

Taking one day off a month wouldn’t calculate correctly, so it’s not supported. In these instances, you wouldn’t need the D (for day), but rather just the number.

So, using the current month and year as an example (May 2018) ||MONTH-1|| ||YEAR-1|| would produce April 2017.

You can test out various styles in the testing tool, here:

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If I want the 1st day of the month to show the previous month how do I do ? MONTH-1 and YEAR will produce Dec 2019 instead of Dec 2018

Will it always be the 1st of the month? You can just enter:

1st ||MONTH-1|| ||YEAR||

Which would show, for example:

1st April 2018

The best thing I can suggest is use the testing tool I linked to above as this lists the possible options and allows you to test them for a given date.

I would like this to result “December 2018”:

||YEAR-1|| as of the 01/01/2019 would result in 2018.

So in full, to get “December 2018”, you would use the following for an invoice dated 01/01/2019:
||MONTH-1|| ||YEAR-1||

Yes except that then in 31/12/2018, it will say November 2017, not November 2018

I want to show the previous month that’s all

The 1st of each month, an invoice is created and it needs to say “retainer for [prev month] [year of prev month]”. The following ||MONTH-1|| ||YEAR|| works 11 months of the year, but not when the new year occurs as it shows the new year instead.

Please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding. I’m afraid this wouldn’t be possible at the moment. Is the year required?

The only solution would be to use something like the ||DATE|| and ||MONTHEND|| options and perhaps show a date range, like:

01/11/2018 - 30/11/2018

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OK this seems to be the only think that works as needed: ||DATE-1M|| - ||DATE-1D||

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