Recurring Invoices vs Automatic Tagging

Hi All,

I invoice all my customers by Recurring Invoices. In the case of one customer, payments appear in my QF account stating that “an invoice has been created from automatic tagging”. This gives extra invoices in the customers account. How can I stop this? It is very confusing.



Hi @GaryWilliams,

I am assuming this is happening because the recurring invoice hasn’t been generated yet? It may be worth changing the date of the recurrence to make sure that it is there before the customer is paying?

You could also turn off the automatic tagging to avoid it happening?

When paying my recurring invoices, the customers system did not link their payments to my invoices. I received their payments as “transfers” so QF generated additional invoices to account for these monies. I’ve tracked all these down and re-assigned the payments so all is good.

If I turn off automatic tagging, what will be the result of a similar problem in the future?

Hi @GaryWilliams,

Rather than turning it off it may be worth changing it to Confirm first, that way it won’t generate the new invoice until you have said ok to it. So you can stop it and tag it to the correct invoice.

Hope this helps?

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