Recurring invoicing changing from yearly to monthly!

Hi, I seem to be having a problem with my recurring invoices.

Every now and again they seem to change from yearly and start invoicing monthly.
First time it happened I thought i may have changed something but its happened a few times now.
Is there an issue somewhere?

I’ve not know anything like this to happen? Certainly nothing reported along those lines.

Do you have an recurring template number where you witnessed this behaviour? Feel free to send on a private message if you prefer.

These are the ones that seemed to suddenly start sending out on monthly. I’ve obviously changed them now.
R000042 - started monthly from March after successfully sending out yearly previously.

Are you able to check the change history to see if it was changed at that point?

You can check the change history yourself here.

However this feature was introduced on February 5th 2015 and invoices or templates predating this didn’t capture detailed changes. Which unfortunately is the case for the examples you provided.

Changes however would still be recorded in the event log.

So the above profile was created on 15th Jan with a start date set for 2nd September. Are you sure it was originally set with a yearly interval? There are no changes from activation up until 3 hours ago, according to your event log entries.

All I can say is that invoice has been sent out each year on the same date since 2013 until this year when it suddenly started sending every month.
I don’t remember changing anything and I don’t remember creating this one in January as its been recurring since 2013 and only gets billed in September.
If i’d set it up in Jan it would have started doing monthly from then I would have thought (although i suppose i could have set the first date couldn’t i?)
I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again.

Invoice template #R000104 was created on 15th January 2015. May be you have a similar template setup from 2013 for this client? Check for deleted templates too.