Recurring Invoicing

I have an issue that hopefully someone can shed some light on for me.

My business relies on recurring monthly invoicing and direct debits, so I setup a link to GoCardless which seemed to integrate perfectly well.

I went into Recurring invoices and quickly realised that if I continue, then it won’t bill the customer and achieve what I’m after. So, instead I went into the customer account and clicked the Set-up direct Debit button. The customer accepted and all was ok. At this point, you’re left wondering if this will bill the customer on it’s own or not but I seemingly assumed it wont.

I then created a recurring invoice profile to the client and associated the Direct Debit (AutoPay) system to it.

What is peculiar, is that;
Two invoices have been auto created. (One as Draft, which seems to have allocated the DD against itself - and One that auto-emailed the client but is asking them to pay).
THEN I get an email saying the Direct Debit failed because I’m exceeding the amount required (obviously, its double!)

I have no idea which invoice should be paid, which one will autopay and how to make sure this doesnt happen in the future. The help pages, don’t have much info on this.

I also wanted the occurrences to be indefinite but couldn’t set this either so I had to set a ridiculous 000’s number.

Can anyone advise or see where i went wrong here??


That’s correct it will only pre-authorise the amount, the recurring invoice schedules will actually initiate the collection.

I found the two invoices on your account. It looks like the second one (#002104) was created following a modification of the template, or possibly pausing and reactivating the profile. You’ve done the right thing by deleting this invoice. The remaining invoice #002103 will now continue every month and auto-collect the funds.

That would work fine, usually for indefinite recurring invoices I would just enter 9999. We could provide an option “unlimited” but it would only put 9999 in behind the scenes.