Recurring Linked Invoices Client Side Nominal Code Tagging

Recurring invoices linked to clients are wonderful. The only problem is I can’t see how to change the automatic nominal code tag for the client side of the link.

On the client side, there is no option to edit the invoice as it says it’s linked and synced to the issuer - but I can’t see the allocated nominal code on my side either (only the code for our own accounts). Thank you for any pointers.

When a mapped invoice is imported, the client side (e.g. it imports the supplier’s invoice) assumes the default nominal code specified for that supplier. To change this, simply modify the supplier settings.

That’s correct. In the instance where the nominal code is different to the default (e.g. you may have two lines on the suppliers invoice for a General Purchase and Postage), you would need to break the mapping. This doesn’t break it completely, only for that invoice in particular.

Hope that helps!

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That’s perfect. Thank you so much.

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