Recurring Payments from PayPal (Subscriptions)

Hi there,
The recurring invoice feature is great and we use it all the time. It would be a great feature if a customer could create an recurring PayPal payment from the customer portal, and for the invoice to be handled in a similar way to GoCardless DD’s (banner letting you know that a DD has been created). Also, as a recurring PayPal payment is created via the PayPal API, it also returns the payment profile ID, which matches the description field for PayPal transaction feeds, potentially providing the identifier needed to auto tag the payment…

I appreciate that PayPal is not ideal for recurring payments (cost perspective) but we have a number of international customers, so something like GooCardless just doesn’t have the coverage

Any thoughts?

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Symanix Hosting


If it’s something that proves to be more popular we can certainly consider this. I’ll leave this open for others to add their vote.

massively agree

In fact, if there is a way to do it via your API, I’ll even ask my partner to code it up, if it can’t be done already.

Automated subscriptions, at both the QuickFile and PayPal level is a HUGE thing for us.

Really, it will be most helpful feature

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Certainly be useful for me too

Yes, this would be a great feature for us too.