Recurring payments

Is it possible to have a recurring payment option for purchase invoices?
Say for example you have an insurance premium and have a monthly direct debit set up for this, so you create a single purchase invoice but then have 10 regular monthly direct debits which I have to manually enter each month.
Can this be setup to be shown automatically similar to recurring purchases?

Recurring payments aren’t supported in QuickFile only recurring invoices. The payment dates would almost always be wrong if automated to schedule. Weekends, bank holidays etc would mean that you’d be constantly adjusting them on your bank so it would likely end up costing you more time correcting entries.

I would recommend uploading your bank statement periodically or using the bank feed, then you can automate the creation of the purchase invoice and with a couple of click from the bank you can match the imported payment to the invoice.

Ok thanks Glenn I’ll look into that.

Hi I’m slightly confused - you say that Quickfile doesn’t support recurring payments, yet I have a recurring PURCHASE (i.e. payment) set up in my account, which ticks away each month.

However, I can’t for the life of me find where I set it up, as I have a few more that I’d like to create as it would save a LOT of time for me.

It must have been there at some point, yet the calendar icon seems to have disappeared, and when I create a new payment in ‘Recurring Payments’ it just opens a standard one-off payment window?

Please advise!

Many thanks!

Hi @ArcadiaPhysio

QuickFile does now support recurring purchases, which has been added since this topic was started (over a year ago)

To create a new one, create the initial purchase invoice and save it. When you then preview it, you should see an option in the top right hand corner:

However, don’t forget to enable this feature in Account Settings > Company Settings:

Just to clarify, the Recurring Purchase feature creates the underlying purchase invoice according to the schedule you set when you click that yellow tab. It won’t lodge any payments, it will just create an open invoice.

Recurring Purchases is a feature that is off by default, although @QFSupport shows how this can be activated. Once activated you will get a new menu option “Recurring Purchases” under the “Purchase” header, this will reveal any active recurring schedules you have setup.