Recurring statements - edit which client contact receives?

I’ve just started to use the recurring statements which is going to really make life easier.

What I wanted to ask was whether it is possible to select which contacts under a client will receive the statement?
Some of our clients have invoices directed to a manager and accounts team but then monthly statements to the account team only. I assume that currently automated statements are only been sent to the primary contact but didn’t find anywhere where this was actually stated.

Also, is it possible to edit the message that will be received in the email specifically for statements that are automatically generated?
Essentially so I can add a disclaimer saying that payments received in the final week of the month may not always have been updated to accounts system. When I am asked to create a statement I can always make sure it is current but with automatically created statements this will not be possible.

Finally, is there anywhere I can edit the automatic statements? ie if wanted to change to 3 month or 30 day rolling, or no longer include payments etc.

Thanks for the assistance and seems like am finding new features all the time which is fantastic.

Hi @kdoc

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send an automatic statements to a different, or multiple contacts other than the primary contact.

There is already a feature request for this here that you may wish to add your vote to.

You can edit the email, but it’s not possible to change it based on whether it was automated or not. This can be seen and edited under Account Settings >> Routine Emails:

I’ll double check this with a colleague and update my post shortly.

The statement is fixed to rolling 30 days and can’t be changed at the moment. However, you’re welcome to start a new thread with this as a feature request. With feature requests, generally if there’s enough demand from the community, then we’ll take a closer look.

There’s more info on this in our knowledge base

Hope that helps!

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