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Red Cross Against Bank Transaction

Why do some bank transactions remain with a red cross on the right hand side and some hjave the cross greyed out?

Hi @derekolive

If the cross is red it means that you can delete the transaction, if it is greyed out then the transaction has been locked inplace by something

Thank you. Should the expectation be that they all get greyed out at some point? Even fully tagged transactions still retain the red cross. Some really old transactions in previous VAT quarters still have the red cross. If it’s not an issue I will just ignore it!

Hi @derekolive

The VAT returns will lock the invoices rather than the payments if you’re on accrual. There are other things that can lock the payments, sometimes it is the way they have been created. I wouldn’t worry too much unless you need to remove one that is locked :slight_smile:

Perfect! Thank you so much for the quick reply!

There’s various reasons why transactions will have the greyed out x, the most frequent ones I’ve come across are if they’re in an accounting period for which you’ve run the year end process (which locks everything up to that year end date), or if they derive from a journal (to delete the transaction you delete the journal).

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