Reducing invoices that have been pre-paid


Due to the closure of schools, my settings now need to close. I would like to decrease some invoices, so all parents have paid for the month and now I’m looking to wipe 2 rows of the invoice. This isn’t working because the amount paid in is now showing a minus figure so flagging an error.

Please help as I have around 100 clients that need this adjustment asap.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. Are you reducing invoices by more than the amount already paid?

Yes I am, some parents have paid upfront until the end of the month.
I place weekly breakdown on the invoices, but the full month is the total (hard to explain)

So some parents pay a row off a week (one weeks fees)

Some pay a month upfront. So cancelling off the next 2 weeks is proving difficult. This is because it is not letting me reduce a paid off invoice.

Basically when I reduce the invoice I would like their account to be in credit.

I’ve started to detag the transactions against each invoice, reducing the invoice, then tagging the payment again. Slow and painful, but getting there.

Rather than retrospectively altering the invoices they’ve already paid, it may be better and/or simpler to issue credit notes - from the invoice select “more options” -> “credit note”, and by default it’ll present you with a credit note that cancels the invoice completely, but you can edit it before saving. Remove the lines you don’t want to credit, save the credit note and you can choose to “hold funds on account”. This will show as a prepayment on their account which you can later use to pay down future invoices.


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