Refresh existing Invoices with new layout data


I have just started using the system and everything is working exceptionally well so far so firstly thinks for providing such an excellent system.

I initially populated the Invoice payment terms etc., then created some invoices.

Having now received my VAT No and Bank details I have updated the Invoice layout but the existing invoices (All Draft status) have not brought that new information over, is there any way to refresh them so they bring this data over or is it a case of deleting the Invoices and starting again.


Hi David, thanks for getting in touch!

Generally when you make a change in the invoice customisation or company settings area, it won’t retrospectively change all the invoices previously issued. There are a number of cases where this is not desirable.

To get the VAT number in the invoice you don’t need to delete it and re-enter. Just go in and save the existing invoice and it should refresh with the new VAT number.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the response, I understand why the Invoice should not be changed automatically so will handle this manually.


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