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This is a bit of a mess, hopefully it makes sense to someone out there!

We received several payments from a client for two different jobs that relate to more than one invoice. The payments received do not match the invoice amounts, and in total they paid too much. I assigned all payments recieved to the client’s account then tagged the multiple invoices from this credit, leaving a remainder being unallocated and showing as a prepayment credit on their account.

I have now refunded the overpayment amount to the client in one single bank transfer, but cannot see how to tag this payment from our bank account.

Looking at the payments made in my client detail page, there were two separate overpayments made so there are two entries, one relates to two invoices and the other has no invoice associated with it. I have managed to manually tag the unallocated amounts as refunded back to my client, and their account balance is now showing as 0.00 which is great. I am happy with this.

However, the single bank entry refund payment I made to my client remains untagged and I cannot see how to tag it - the only option is to tag it to invoices that are already fully paid.

How do I tag this bank transaction so it relates to the refunds I have applied to the unallocated amounts in the payments section of my client’s account?

Hope someone can help!!

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If you ignore this untagged entry from bank, does your bank as per QF matches your bank statement? if yes delete this untagged entry in QF

Thanks for your reply. The bank entry has been pulled in direct from a Barclays Bank feed. Checking the actual bank against the QF bank account just now, I see the figures are different because manually refunding the 2 unallocated funds back to my client has created two bank entries that are skewing the figures…!

I’m going to have to delete those refunds from the QF payments so the bank account in QF matches the actual bank again - but how do I tag the actual refund payment I made from the bank and zero out my client’s account in QF?

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Hello @snapperjonno

If the refund is of an overpayment, there isn’t a way to tag it from the bank side of things, only from the other side (which in turn creates a tagged bank entry).

Firstly, go to the client record (Sales >> View all Clients), and click View >> All Payments.

Then, find the overpayment. This would be shown with the text “£x.xx remains unallocated” next to it> or, if you have a lot of payments, you can do an advanced search to find just the ones that have unallocated balances:

View the payment, and then click Refund Balance at the top. Hopefully the amount is the same as the transaction you already have in the bank account.

Confirming this will create a new tagged bank transaction, so as a result you should have 2 transactions for the same value, on the same date, but one untagged. At this point, you can safely delete the untagged entry to rebalance your account.

I hope that helps?

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Just delete the untagged entry coming from bank feed, your QF bank balance should match with actual bank statement balance at the end

Thanks to both of you guys for your help. I have refunded the balances and deleted the bank feed transaction so the client account is reading 0.00 and the bank account matches the actual bank, all good.

Can you please confirm that the offending transaction won’t keep being downloaded with the bank feed every night, or does the bank feed only pull the latest transactions?

Thanks again

next bank feed should be from date onwords from last one, so no it should not come again

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great stuff - thanks again