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Refund from a previous tax year


Having just taken over the bookkeeping of a very bad a sloppy lady, i have found that an invoice in the 2018/2019 book has had a partial refund in the new 2019/2020 tax year…

How do i deal with this? i will of course need to reclaim the VAT also, so any help here is much appriecated

PS, Quickfile is a new addition so the old invoice is in an excel format


Hi @Hayles

I’m assuming that as Excel has been used, you’re starting out with just opening balances and working with QuickFile from there?

What you can do is create a negative invoice. When creating it, just enter a minus value, and it will be converted to a credit note. This will however need to be tagged to a bank account, but it can be journalled from there if you wish.

Was it included in the opening balances originally?


Hi @Hayles,

Have you managed to sort this now or do you still need help? :slight_smile:


I think so, i havent yet been given the nod to have bank feed, but we will be having the full subscription, so i can sort that out then.

Thank you

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