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We recently ordered 6 small items from Amazon and the full amount of the order (£21.89) was debited to our bank account (debit card). 5 items were shipped and so I have the invoices for those (£18.94), however the sixth one was originally delayed and now is unavailable so the amount (£2.95) has been refunded to our account.

I tagged the payment from the account to the invoices we had, and then tagged the £2.95 credit as a refund from a supplier, again to those invoices. Both invoices are showing as paid, our bank account is balanced and fully tagged, but I have £2.95 showing as a prepayment on Amazon’s supplier account and £2.95 on our creditors control account.

I think the issue may be due to me only having invoices for the smaller amount (in normal circumstances, the invoice would be for the full amount originally and then if a refund were received everything should work), however Amazon refuse to issue invoices until the item has shipped regardless of the fact that they have debited the full amount.

Any idea how I should sort this? Thanks.

So what has effectively happened is that you’ve had a payment taken for £21.89 but only been invoiced for £18.94, with the remaining (overpaid) £2.95 sitting on the amazon supplier account as a prepayment. So the £2.95 money in isn’t a refund as such (i.e. a credit for something they had previously invoiced you for) but simply the return of money you’d given them in advance for a purchase that didn’t happen.

So what you need to do is delete the £2.95 credit note and the £2.95 “money in” transaction (assuming that doesn’t disappear automatically when you delete the credit), then find the original £21.89 payment to Amazon. There’s a number of ways you can get to that, if you click the “tagged” button by the original £21.89 money out transaction then the word “payment” in the popup will take you there, or you can go to the overview screen for the Amazon “supplier”, then view all payments, advanced search, and search for “type” unallocated.

However you get there, once you’re at the payment there’s a button at the top to “refund balance” which will do what you need - returning the £2.95 unallocated payment and creating a pre-tagged “money in” transaction on your bank account.

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Thank you @ian_roberts for the very clear instructions. All sorted now :slight_smile:

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