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Refund from electric supplier - system not allowing


trying to process a refund from electric company BES, but system not allowing, even though monthly payments cumulatively exceed refund


Hi @lighthouse1

Can you let me know how you’re trying to tag the refund please, and what error(s) you’re seeing?


trying to tag via refund from supplier, but answer is coming up with unable to do or do manually


A way around this problem. I have added an extra line to the previous invoice (or create a Purchase invoice) with the overpayment. Then allocate the money so that the balance for the supplier equals zero. then raise a credit note from the invoice you allocated the overpayment (remove any additional lines on the credit note and you should then be able to refund to the correct bank account (You cannot do this credit note from the bank account where the money has come into if you have added an additional line, but it would be possible if you the overpayment has been allocated to an invoice with only the overpayment).


If the over payments are just sitting there as credit on the supplier account then you can go to each individual payment record (view all payments for that supplier then “advanced search” for unallocated ones) and “refund balance” for each one. This will create a series of separate pre-tagged bank transactions, one for each payment, but the total should add up to the amount you actually received and you can just delete the untagged transaction from your bank feed and everything will balance nicely.

If you want to keep the QuickFile bank view in perfect sync with your actual bank account then you’d have to use another bank account in QuickFile as a bridge - do the “refund balance” thing into the bridge account (which could be petty cash or DLA/drawings), then tag the money into the current account as a transfer from there.


That sounds feasible for me, so I will attempt to do that
thank you