Refund from Supplier (pre-payment)

I was in credit with my Water Supplier £88.86, showing as a pre-payment on the account.

They sent me a cheque for £88.86, and I allocated it to the supplier account. I am still showing a pre-payment of £88.86. How do I remove it


Hi @John_Charnock1

Apologies for the delay in replying.

If you view the supplier’s account and click on the prepayment amount, you should be taken to a list of transactions that make up this total:

For example:
Which takes me to:

Let’s say in this example, I want to move the £36.50 from prepayment to my bank account. If I view this transaction, I’ll have an option at the top to “Refund Balance”. This will create a new ready-tagged transaction for you in your chosen bank account and move the balance from this supplier to your bank account:

Hope this helps!

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