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Refund from supplier with zero opening balance,

A supplier account opening balance was zero, then received a refund, how dow I allocate the refund as it does not allow me to enter a credit note to allocate to?

Simplest workaround is to create a new purchase with a negative value, which QuickFile will treat as a credit note, but will only allow you to refund rather than hold the money on account. But if you refund it to a spare bank account (drawings, petty cash, whatever) and then immediately create a new prepayment to the same supplier from the same account then it’ll balance out nicely.

But surely that upsets the nominal code balance.

Sorry, I’d confused myself - if you’ve just received a refund then you just need to do the ad-hoc credit note (the purchase with a minus value) and refund it to the bank account that received the refund payment.

You can’t do this via the bank account tagging system, you have to enter a new purchase from the purchases menu, set the value as negative, then when you select an account for the refund it will create a new pre-tagged money in transaction - if you have the transaction already waiting untagged from a feed then you can just delete the untagged one leaving the duplicate pre-tagged one in place.

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