Refund of Council Tax

Hi we have recently moved over to business rates from paying council tax on our holiday let property, as such the local council has refunded us the sum of lets say of £1300.

When i try to allocate this as a refund from supplier I see the following message ‘No qualifying purchases could be found to refund against. Make sure the corresponding purchase has been logged before you attempt to process this refund.’

How can i allocate this back to the the supplier in this case the council? the monthly council tax was lets say £369 so i have entries for this sum every month going back but none for the calculated refund of £1300

Hi HVH2233,
Mathew answered a very similar question about a year ago. May this is helpful for you. Basically you have to create a negative invoice, but please read below

QFMathewSupport Team

Jan '18

No problem. You should be able to enter it as a negative value invoice. Create the invoice as you normally would, but enter the value as a negative.

For example:


This will then prompt you to create a bank transaction in GBP:

You can then tie off the GBP transaction as you would normally using a holding account or similar.

I hope that helps!

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Great that will dot it !! Many Thanks