Refund to credit card because of an accounting error

I have logged a transaction in the credit card section paying from the bank account the sum of all this month’s credit card transactions. However, the amount I transferred was £8.33 too much. I now wish to rectify that with a refund. How do I do that?

Hi @dgo,

Am I right in thinking that you’re just wanting to transfer this back to the bank account you paid from? If that is the case then you can just do another transfer between accounts?

Hi Beth

Thanks for responding so quickly.

To be more precise, my first posting is a bit ambiguous. The money to pay off the credit card have left the business to an external account using Dashboard>Current bank account and now the external account wishes to pay back to the company £8.33. I can’t work out how to deal with this in QF.

Hi @dgo,

I don’t know if this will help at all? Managing credit notes

You could create a credit note (if you’ve got a supplier set up for the credit card) and then tag that as a refund back to the account?

The money was sent to a personal account to pay a personal credit card statement so, as such, there is no supplier in the accepted sense.

Whatever you tagged the transfer as the first time round tag it as the opposite for the £8.33. You are correct in that your credit card is not the supplier, hopefully no-one handles purchase invoices and credit cards in this way.

If it’s for a personal credit card then I’d guess the money out transaction has been tagged as drawings so the payment will be a transfer to the proprietor drawings account. The £8.33 would just be a transfer from the same account.

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