Refunding a customer postage on a return

Hello. A customer returned an item to us and we refunded what it cost him to do that. The original item we despatched to him didn’t have a postage element (this is a one-off situation - usually our items have distinct item and postage costs). We used PayPal to send him the money so now the transaction is showing up in our PayPal feed, but it’s not a refund on his original purchase: it’s a standalone thing really. My question is how do I represent this in QF? I can make a payment to a supplier, but he isn’t a supplier, and I can refund a customer, but refunding part of his original payment in to us would be misleading. Thank you.

For a couple quid postage I wouldn’t even stress over it. Just allocate it to the invoice and be done.

Regardless of what he spent it on or how he used it it is a refund.

Hi @HeatherD

You should be able to create a negative invoice on their account, this will create a bank entry for the payment to them - you can specify the account so you can select the paypal account. This will then create a duplicate entry so you’ll need to delete the original on the paypal account.

Hope that makes sense?