Refunding a deposit

Apologies if this is a simple question but I’m a novice at all this.

I have invoiced several clients for an event, they all paid a deposit but the event has now been cancelled due to Covid restrictions. I have refunded the deposits but how do I record all of this?

Thanks in advance

How did you record in QF in the first place?

As an invoice for the full amount and recorded the deposit as a partial payment (is that the best way?)

Have you tried issuing credit notes to invoices for deposit amounts?

You should just be able to do more options -> credit note on the invoice, but I’m not sure how well that works for an invoice that is marked part paid. You might have to detach the payment from the invoice and then refund the balance of the (now unallocated) payment, then separately credit note the (now unpaid) invoice in full.

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