Refunding a Tenants deposit?


i take deposits for rental properties.

before i was using quickfile i used invoiceninja.

i inputted an invoice from invoiceninja into quickfile.

this was a payment for a deposit on a property, and a fee associated with it.
the invoice had two lines:

the deposit was then refunded later.

when im tagging bank reoords i could not tag this as a refund against that invoice, only other invoices?
the way i got round this was to re create the invoice, split it into two invoices, one invoice with the deposit, and one invoice with the fee.
i could then refund the deposit against the invoice for the original deposit.

why couldnt i do this when it originally had two lines on the invoice and included the fee?

Hi adnw,

I think, you should go directly to that invoice and in the More Option menu above the invoice you should click Credit Note. Refund the amount of the deposit and it will create a entry in your current account (in quickfile) Then you should go to your current bank account (in quickfile) and check that there is the new created refund entry. If you see this entry you can then delete the original entry submitted from your bank.
You can find more info here:

thanks ill take a look at that

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