Refunding part of money overpaid by client

Hi Guys,

I have read through the topics and nothing seems to match my position…

So I received an upfront payment from my client, say £1,200.00, the client has asked for £1,000.00 back and this has been transferred back to him.

I cannot find a way to tag the payment in the bank back to him and his account because I have retained £200.00.

I looked at the going to the client payment entry on the ledger but the option is only a full refund, I also looked at allocating £200.00 to his invoice, which will be more than £300.00 so it then takes the full amount not just £200.00.

My next thought is just to create 2 x invoices, one for £200.00 then the other for the balance but I wondered if there is another way?

Hi @daveh001

The first thing to do would be to tag the £1,200 to the client as a prepayment. Do this by clicking Tag Me! >> Payment from a client >> Pay down multiple invoices >> Enter client name and select “hold on account”.


Then, I would deal with the refund first. I’m not sure how much the invoice is for, but if you tagged it to the invoice in the first instance it would take the full payment. By doing the refund first, you reduce the prepayment.

From the payment screen (Sales >> View Clients >> Select Client >> View >> View All Payments), select the payment in question. From here, select the “Refund” option and adjust the amount.

This will create a new, pre-tagged bank transaction for you, in the bank account you selected. This then leaves just the balance (£200), which you can now allocate to their invoice.

Use the Log Payment option, and tick the Pay from credit option.


Did this but then added £200.00 in a second box, so that made £400.00 off the bill!!

Tried to delete the invoice hoping it would cancel out the payment but I just can’t see the £200.00 on account now.

If I PM the details can you look at this from your end?

Of course, please feel free to PM @QFSupport and we’ll take a look for you.

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