Refunding Training Courses

How do I go about refunding an officer of the club (client) for a training course?
I would prefer not to have to create a purchase for this person. The officer has paid for the course personally and the club is refunding that money. Ideally create a credit note but which account do I assign the amount to?

Why? That’s essentially what it is. The club is paying for the training course so you could just treat it as a purchase by the club from the training supplier (presumably you have the receipt) and tag the payment you made to the officer as payment to the supplier.

The supplier is the training provider, not the officer.

It is a purchase, there is no way around that.

When you don’t have a corporate credit card there are always a few expenses that have to be settled from personal accounts. We just created an expense account for each member of the team and create purchases invoices as necessary and settle by bank transfer at the end of the month.

In this case I would just put the fee down as “8203 Training Costs”.

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