I am definitely having one of those days…
Help with refunds please.
Ok so a purchase was made on paypal for £100, this amount left the bank and an invoice was created and tagged to the payment (from the paypal merchant account on quickfile). Then a £50 refund was received in the current account. How do I allocate and tag this refund?
Thanks again for your time.

Hi Baphs,
The question is did the £50 refund go over your PayPal account? If yes the £50 refund received in your current account is tagged as transfer between bank account and choose your PayPal account this will create an money out entry in your PayPal sccount. Then in your PayPal account you tag the money as a refund to £100 invoice you already created before. If you have auto feed for your PayPal account you might find a entry downloaded from PayPal which you can delete (it depends on your settings).
If the money did not go over your PayPal account and you received it directly to your bank account, just tag it as a refund to your £100 invoice.

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