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Registered Office Address on Invoices & Estimates



Some questions on addresses…

As a limited company, first I see the address in ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Company settings’ states that this address is the trading location rather than the company’s registered office. This was populated though I believe originally from the data at companies house upon quickfile account creation, so was in fact the registered office. These trading location address fields can be changed as and when necessary though and will be reflected on invoices and estimates from that date forward. However, although ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Management Information’ has a field for ‘Registered Office Address’ this doesn’t appear anywhere client facing.

Therefore, how can the company’s registered office address be shown on an invoice that is relevant at the point the invoice was raised in the same way that the trading address is?

If I put our company’s registered office address into ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Invoice customisation’ > ‘Footer Region’ > ‘Fixed PDF Footer Text’ will it affect all invoices, those already issued? Therefore if my registered office address has changed is there an option for the correct address to be shown on the relevant invoices just as the trading location address can?

I’m either missing something or it seems there ought to be a set of registered office address fields within ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Company settings’.

What might also be relevant here is that I see an option in ‘Invoice customisation’ for cloning the invoice template but I don’t see anywhere in invoice creation where I can use a particular template?




Hi @justin

The Management Information section is used just for company information, this doesn’t affect invoices.

The address in the Company Settings is the one used on invoices. Any new invoices created will incorporate your updated information. Invoices created retrospectively will not change.

If you have different trading outlets and need their addresses shown, it may be worth looking at the multiple trading style feature: Custom Trading Styles



Thanks @QFMathew,

I think it would be nice if there were a ‘legal wording footer’ that followed the same workings as the trading address but with a separate set of address fields for registered office.

Can you please explain the significance of the archive feature for invoices?

Does archiving invoices hide them from their respective client, e.g. hide them in their client area as well as removing them from being directly accessible if the client has a URL to such an invoice?




I second that idea. After all, many small limited companies are using a registered office service to avoid having their private address on the public register at companies house.

However, if you issue an invoice with your trading address (that isn’t your registered office), by law you must also list the registered company number, where it’s registered and the registered address. I’m currently using the invoice footer text field.

But having a global footer that can take the information from the Management Info fields automatically and populate them on all items - invoices, statements etc. would be useful. (Also note that your registered company info should also appear on any official emails too, su auto-populating from the management info into e-mail templates would also be great!)


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