Registration - Cannot find company on Companies House

I am trying to add a profile to my affinity dashboard but received an error message ‘Company Number not found’ but in reality, this company is in Companies House register. Please how do I resolve this?

Thanks for your help.


Is this for a company in Scotland or NI? Is the company a private limited company or LLP?

None of the above. The company’s number is 10813393 just in case it will assist your investigations.

Yes I can see the problem there. The registration screen just uses the company number to pre-populate fields. For now I would recommend completing those fields manually. I’ve escalated this to an engineer to dig a little further. I will update you shortly.

Oh it would appear that company doesn’t have any Officers listed:

I’m quite sure this is why it’s failing as we use the officer data to pre-populate the form. You can still manually complete as per my previous suggestions though.

That’s fine. I will update with officer’s details.
Thanks for your help

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