Reimbursement of employee expenses

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I’ve search all over the knowledgebase but can’t find the answer to this, so apologies if it’s obvious.
I am on a business trip abroad, I have paid for accommodation and travel for this myself so I will mark that down as paid from Directors Loan account.

What I don’t know how to do is to log the reimbursement of daily expenses on the trip, I was told by an accountant to use the HMRC overseas rates which I have done. But how do I log that payment into Quickfile?
If I simply use ‘Transfer between accounts’ it will not show correctly as a reimbursement of expenses. If I log a payment to the employee it will show up as being taxable via PAYE
Should I create a Supplier called Employee Expense Reimbursement and log the amounts as payments to a supplier or is there a more elegant way of doing this?

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Hello @carloconnell

I found this in the forum which may help you.

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Thanks Steve. I saw that post but it doesn’t really give the answer about how to log the tag our payment from your current account for reimbursement of expenses. If you just add another account it will not be shown as a payment out of the business.
Repayment of subsistence is money going out of the business to employees but not as PAYE. I am stumped…

Hello @carloconnell

Here is an example

Employee buys a train ticket for £100

  • Invoice raised to the train provider
  • Paid off using the Employee Expense Account


When you pay them the money back

  • Record a money in transaction for the amount you give them
  • Tag it as bank transfer from your business account

Hi @carloconnell ,

I would list the daily expenses on a spreadsheet and total up the expenses. From this, you can make a bank payment from the business bank a/c to your personal one and when tagging, choose “something else” and simply choose the appropriate nominal codes. For a belt and braces job, convert the spreadsheet to a pdf and import to the receipt hub. When tagging here, you can move the document to an existing folder or create a one off one for overseas expenses. Thi

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This can always be then found in the document manager. Hope this helps.

Thanks, great solution!
These are not individual expense receipts but the HMRC allowable substitence rates for overseas travel. As we are travelling across several countries it’s important we use the correct residual rates for subsistence in each location.
I have a spreadsheet for those entries so I’ll create a PDF and tag the bank payment and with supporting attachment.

Thanks again.

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