Rejected VAT Return (VRN not found)

I have tried to submit my latest VAT Return several times and receive this error.

The VRN specified 180279695 was not found.

Previous VAT Returns were accepted without a problem.

Can anyone assist me?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Steve_Wood

The error message from HMRC is a bit vague and can mean a number of things, but generally means something with the connection isn’t right in terms of authorisation or settings.

Has anything changed within your HMRC account? For example, have you registered with MTD (or de-registered)?

One thing to try is to disconnect your HMRC account from QuickFile, and re-connect it. This can sometimes resolve the issue for you.

Matthew I think that you have helped me out before?

On the 1st of January I moved my VAT number to a Ltd Co from a sole trader with the approval of HMRC.

I thought that this might be the issue so I tried to register the new Co. with MTD and failed with the message “You have already registered”.

I will try your suggestion.

Thank you for our help once more!


Sounds like you need to disconnect the vat account from your sole trader qf account first.


Apologies for the slow response.

Thanks for your help.

I did as suggested and it worked first time.

My latest VAT Return was one day late but I guess that HMRC will show a little compassion in the light of the current crisis.

Thanks again. Have a good day.


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