Remember (and return to) page last viewed in Receipt Hub

Any chance of allowing us to have an ‘all’ menu item in the drop down when when selecting the number of records to show on one page? I’m finding that after tagging a receipt and returning to the main screen I am taken to page one of the receipt hub every time, when I might of been on page 4 for example.

I’d also like the system to remember my previous filter options when I go ‘BACK’ to the previous screen I was on.

Again, working in the receipt hub, I only want to tag UNTAGGED items, yet by default I see tagged and untagged mixed together, and I repeatedly have to hit the untagged filter option button every time I return to the screen.

The 50 line restriction is there to ensure performance of the system is maintained. If we have 1000s of concurrent users viewing huge data sets this has a detrimental effect on the overall performance.

The question of returning to the page where you left is a different issue. We can certainly look at a way to solve this problem by storing the last page number in a session. I’ll refer this to our developers and hopefully we can revisit this when we have more time available.

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