Remember date of last purchase entered and other defaults

Is it possible to have the purchase screen remember the last date entered, i would love to use the bulk entry for purchases, but can due to it only accepting one line per purchase and one nominal type.

So i have to manually enter one by one 100’s of invoices, since these are split invoices (see below) and the other problem is that if i am entering manual invoices/receipts for a supplier i have to do several actions/click just to enter another one for the same supplier, i have tried using macros but they don’t work well with your system.

Would it be possible from the supplier panel, to enter single invoices and not have to do as many steps as this ?:

  1. click enter new purchase
  2. re enter supplier details
  3. re-enter purchase order number next in sequence / or copy last purchase and update the sequential number
  4. remember to change the date (from today’s date ?) (hard to remember when entering purchases from up to 12 months prior)
  5. having to create 3 or 4 new item lines (preset per supplier not an option)
  6. one by one for the above enter each category for the previous step
  7. make sure the VAT is correct for the previous set (no option to set default per category)
  8. enter the same descriptions that are the same for each invoice for same supplier for previous set
  9. enter totals for each above or net depending on supplier.
  10. adjust net where needed penny from there + or - to get the main total to match.
  11. Save Purchase
  12. mark invoice with QF No.
  13. remember not to change the page just saved (do quite often) as its now a saved purchase
  14. start from step one again

One supplier i had about 300+ invoices to do this on as i have to split out 25% for our supplies and other 75% for selling stock.

Hard work lol and quite a few mistakes, also the date thing is a pain when tagging the correct bank transactions, if i forget to change from today’s date to invoice date.

Most people dont get chance to enter purchases as they happen on the date and enter them after the fact, and it would be a big help, if this would be an issue for other would it be possible to have an option to turn it on/off some where either settings level or supplier/client level

Examples of split purchase for suppliers

Fedex (International)
EU sales shipping (VAT Rated shipping line)
NON EU sales shipping (No VAT shipping line)

Royal Mail Shipping Invoices (Invoices are split as shown below and need to be entered as such)
VAT Rated Items (20% VAT)
Zero Rated Items (0% VAT)
Exempt items (NO VAT)

I know the above is quite long winded, but your software is great already, just hard and very time consuming in some areas, especially as above as these invoices/purchases cant be quickly tagged from the bank area (for VAT purposes)

Pre set options for purchases per supplier would be great and would greatly improve entry time.

How about a ‘copy purchase’ as per the invoice screen? You should only then need to update line totals and dates?

Granted, it would be faster i suppose, but i would still either need to flick from tabs and update pages and update dates, totals, invoice ref, and this would be more prone to errors when inputting lots of invoices one after another. i.e. remembering if i had changed a field, and checking against the last one i had done if i got distracted for a min or so with a phone call etc.

It would be ok for one or two, but with over 100 invoices per supplier i’d prefer the fresh invoice with empty totals.
Plus the supplier ref error checking works on Ajax from what i see, so would only check if i had updated the box, and if i though i had and saved it wouldn’t tell me any different.

There is a copy purchase function that can be invoked from the main invoice list:

This will replicate the invoice and open it for further editing. Presumably then you’d need to enter a new receipt date and supplier ref?

You can also go to the supplier detail screen and create a new invoice from there, that will pre-populate some of the information, e.g. default VAT rate, currency, nominal code etc.

There’s no facility to remember the last receipt date for a supplier, to be honest I’m not sure if there’s really a clear case to add this? I think most would assume the date to just default to today?

OK i can live with the date, would it be hard to have a pre-set template per supplier, e.g. for repeat/ recurring purchases each week/month ?

Or even a button on the page after creating a purchase to create another for the same supplier would be massively more user friendly, switching between tabs to copy an invoice and refresh pages is a big pain.

Copy feature button on page after invoice saved and green banner shows at top? e.g. create another invoice for this supplier ?

We turn over about 10-20k transactions a year and 2-4k purchases a year, unfortunately due to split purchases or sales split with vat and not vat items, not all can be done with your great tools to speed things up. Last time i checked even uploading them to receipt hub wasn’t an option as again it isnt able to deal with more than one line per receipt, which doesn’t work for VAT registered businesses unless every invoice/receipt is either all VAT or NON VAT

You can attach a recurring schedule to an existing purchase invoice so that it automatically repeats on a weekly, monthly basis. We have a general guide on recurring purchase here.

Adding an option to copy an invoice from within the preview screen also wouldn’t be a problem and makes sense (this has been logged). I’m not sure about placing an option on the initial save confirmation, we could consider this if gets a little more support from other users.

BTW in the past I’ve tagged a few Royal Mail invoices directly from the Receipt Hub without creating split lines. I just simply overkey the VAT amount and save.

The recurring isn’t an option for me as the invoices are daily but intermittent as we run a pre-paid account for royal mail and get invoiced each day we ship, but don’t always ship Monday to Friday depending on volume of sales for the day.

By template i ment that, for a supplier when i click create new invoice, that i could have 3 or for line pre-added which relate to that supplier, totals empty of course, and if an invoice didnt include a line i could just remove that line, i kind of have that working but very buggy with imacros as it doesnt like all your fields and doesnt work well with the “type ahead”

I know i can select a main item that is related to the supplier in the control panel

But i say have an invoice from a packaging supplier, we sell packaging and also use packaging.

So on the invoice is as

1st line) Stock [Asset] => Stock to sell (75 % of invoice)
2nd line) Packaging => Packaging for shipping (25 % of invoice)

this is always the same for the supplier, but i can only have 1 line set and still have to add descriptions, if i add a new line it defaults to the line above so i have change that and add the description.

basically by template i was on about a sort of purchase template per supplier if you understand what i mean.