Remember that "show all notes" is ticked upon page refresh (COA Report)

I feel like I am missing something obvious here, but when I look at my ‘Stock’ account, a purchase receipt that I have added displays as “Purchase Invoice: Items for purchase #QFxxxxx

This is not particularly helpful for me because i want to be able to easily see which receipt was for which item of stock.
Is there any way to rename these entries?


Hi @thomasclowes

The file name in the receipt hub is just a reference so there isn’t a way to change this from the receipt hub itself.

The file name is made up of the following:
#QF00000: Supplier Name - Invoice description

You can change the invoice description by going to the purchase management and clicking on the ‘Description’ field of the invoice you wish to update. This will then automatically update the receipt hub too.

Thank you for the prompt reply. The description is set accordingly, but in the ‘Account Detail’ view it is not in fact shown.

Please advise.

Apologies, I misread your first post.

This I believe is created at the time the invoice is entered and not updated dynamically (will double check and confirm).

You may also find this post useful in regards to the notes on the COA report:

Ah, I see. ‘Show all notes’ does the job. Thanks.

Can I now turn this into a suggestion and request that if you click ‘Show all notes’ it saves your selection across browser reloads?


Do you mean having it enabled by default when you load the COA report?

When I click it it shows me all the notes.
When I refresh the page they are hidden again.
I would like for it to save my selections so that when I refresh the notes are shown.

Got it :wink:

I’ve updated this topic to a feature request.

You can in the meantime (if you wish), add a bit of custom JavaScript to enable it by default. Let me know if you would like any help with this