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Reminder/Warning on VAT submission

Ok this is probably 100% my fault but on one of my QuickFile accounts I have just submitted a VAT return mid VAT period. I have realised my mistake but I am surprised HMRC even accepted its submission. I am contacting HMRC to find out how I need to correct this with them but it would be very useful to force a popup window when someone tried to do this to ask the user if they really want to do this as the VAT period has not yet ended. Normally I don’t have an issue with this but with multiple companies and switching to MTD it slipped my mind and I went ahead with the submission early.

Hi @sean1

Thanks for the suggestion.

Can I just check, the company you sent the return for, was this via MTD?

Hi Matthew,
Sorry I missed this before. Yes, it is now setup for MTD (think it was at the time I submitted the return early).