Remittance advice help

Hi Guys,

Can someone help me, with remittance advice. Due to the nature of our business we may have to pay upto 20+ invoices a month to a single supplier and do have to hold back invoices due to damages and waiting on credit notes.

we are having to raise remittance advices manually due to us using the live bank feed and tagging paid invoices. If we log a payment as advised in earlier post it does not link up with live feed on bank.

Is there a way to raise a remittance advice to send over to my clients.

If you have a bank feed active I would suggest not logging anything from anywhere as this will always end up causing issues somewhere. Tag your payments from the bank feed only to save complications.

That being said, having a credit account with a supplier is a nightmare to keep on top of in Quickfile anyway so there’s always going to be confusion and complications there.