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I see that people have been asking for remittance advice slips for several years so guess it is available as your threads said it would be, but the problem is I cannot find this function.

I have just paid around 30 invoices and need to tell the supplier which of their invoices numbers I have paid, but am struggling to find this. (email is no good for some of our suppliers as they do not operate this way)

Can you please advise?

Many thanks

Hi @KevinWright

When you log a payment to a supplier (this can be through the purchase itself, or through bank tagging), you will be prompted to send a remittance advice note by email:
Here’s the bank tagging screen:

Here is the ‘Log Payment’ screen:

It was added as an email option following feedback from the community.

To produce a PDF note, what you can do is look up the payment by going to the supplier record, clicking View, and selecting ‘All Payments’:

Click to view more details of the payment in question, and click ‘Print’ to produce a PDF.

I hope that helps!


No it seems you have not read my message. Can you please re-read and reply, it appears lots and lots of people have been asking for this for at leat 3 years now so surely this function has got to be on this program now?

Hi @KevinWright

Apologies if you believe I’ve misread your message.

If I’ve understood you correctly, you’re looking for a document that lists the invoices that have been paid for a supplier, with a specific payment?

Following my second example (Select a Supplier > View > All Payments > View Details) will produce a document similar to this one. This lists all the invoices that have been paid using that particular payment:
Purchase Payment.pdf (140.4 KB)

You’re more than welcome to provide some constructive comments on the feature thread for Remittance Advice Slips. Perhaps suggest what you’d like changing or implementing?

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