Remittance Advice - very small printing


We still send out some cheques and need a remittance note to send these. The supplier address is located badly for a window envelope and the printing is very small (thinking of the poor postie). Is there a way to customise this?


Hi @WalkerTim,

There is probably a way to do this using CSS. I am not familiar with css myself so am not the best to advice but i’m sure that @QFMathew or one of the other lovely people on this forum would be able to assist you :slight_smile:

Hi @WalkerTime

If you have a Power User Subscription you can apply custom CSS to the payment screen.

To access this, you can go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation.

If you then select “Purchase Payment CSS”, you can add some CSS to increase the font size.

If you want to change the whole of the payment slip’s text, you can use something like this:

.invoice-text {
   font-size: 14px;

Or to change just your suppliers, and your own address, something like this should do the trick:

.invoice-address-details {
   font-size: 14px !important;

Hope that helps!

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It does a little. I found the location, pressed F12 to see all the CSS but was unclear where to insert the CSS you have provided. Can you explain how/where I put the CSS ?

you don’t enter it in the actual websites css :slight_smile:

let us know if you’re still having problems :slight_smile: you do need to make sure you have a power user subscription to be allowed access to this feature

I think we are power users - we paid the fee?


Yes if you pay the £45+ VAT subscription then you have a Power User Subscription which will allow you the access you need to change the CSS.

So I copies Matthew’s script and pasted it in. I saved it. Got the green box saying “File has been saved” and tried the preview but it is no different. I tried the Ctrl Refresh option but I can see no difference. I changed the 14 to 20 - still no difference. What haven’t I done?

Hi @WalkerTim

Please accept my apologies. I’ve asked a developer to take a look at this and will come back to you as soon as I can.

Hi @WalkerTim,

I have been told that there will be a fix for this going out with the next update :slight_smile:

As far as I am aware this update should go live tonight - please check tomorrow and let me know whether all is working as expected.


I have had confirmation that this fix has now gone live. Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems.


It still doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

Have you tried changing the css again?

Just deactivated, repasted and saved. Went to a paid purchase invoice, clicked through to the payment screen, pressed print to see the remittance advice … still the same size.

Hi @WalkerTim

Apologies for that. You would need to add !important after the size. This is only a temporary thing and this should be resolved shortly.

I’ve just amended this on your account for you. Can you take a look now please and see if that’s working all OK? If needed, you can amend the size in the design customisation section of your account.

That got it!!! Thank you

All working.