Remove bank account from dashboard


I have got my bank account set up but want to remove it from the dashboard but when I go into it, the display on dashboard checkbox is greyed out can’t click on it

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

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If it’s one of the QuickFile created bank accounts (e.g. one you can’t delete), I believe it’s always shown on the dashboard and can’t be removed.

Is there any particular reason why you want one of the main ones removed?

Oh right ok as didn’t want other members of my staff to see what is in our bank account as everytime we log a payment made by bank transfer, it shows up in the account on the dashboard

If you go into the team management section you can actually restrict the privileges for a particular user to hide all bank account information (including the dashboard previews).

Locate the user and click on the padlock.

You can scroll down to banking and reports then check the following option.

Thank you so much Glenn, is perfect thank you so much

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