Remove business name and address from a letter

Hello again

Is there a way to remove the business name and address from a letter I send through QF?

My logo has the business name and address etc so on the normal letter layout these are repeated which does not look good.

I understand this can be done for invoices and statements but not apparently for a letter - or am I missing something lol

Thanks once again Glenn.


There are some letter formatting options here:

Although there’s no option to remove the address entirely it seems?

I’ve switched this to a feature request for now and I will update you in the coming weeks if we are able to find an easy way to remove the address.

Thanks as even Glenn - I did think it odd that there was no way for the company name to be removed?

Love how QF keeps evolving :smile:

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Just a quick one to let you know that we have now added a checkbox in the letter settings area to hide the business name and address on the letters:


Spot on Glenn - superb service as usual. ps love the new look graphics!

Great to see this little change @Glenn. Just wondered if there should be a separate option to remove the logo too, seems as that usually appears on headed paper too?

I think that may be useful. At some point I think we’d need to allow some CSS control rather than adding controls to the settings area. I think this will eventually be incorporated into the Advanced Customisation area.

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