Remove Current Date (Purchases)

I don’t believe this is a feature. But could there be an option to remove the current date from the date field when adding a new purchase invoice. Most people, I assume will not be posting their purchases daily… a blank date field will then prompt to correct the user to correctly put the actual date. I’ve made many correction to this as users have left the default date in. Thanks

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Good idea I second leaving it blank as I have made the same mistakes its easily done

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I think this is one of those things that cannot satisfy everyone by setting it one way or the other. I wouldn’t want it leaving blank as most of my invoices are emailed in on the same day so removing the default date would make my workflow more difficult. The only satisfactory/worthwhile change would be to make it a configurable option.

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@xloganm15 we have now implemented a new feature called Global Scripts. This effectively allows you to run custom Javascript inside your account which makes it useful for these kinds of preferences, as you just write a script to clear the fields.

Global Scripts are part of the advanced customisation tools so they will require a Power User Subscription. If you have an active subscription I can add this script to your account.

For anyone looking to implement this on their own you can add the following single line statement to the scripts section.

//Clears the receipt date

//Clears the due date

Works a treat thank you! Great new addition. I hope people share new things they can do with this script power.


Hi Glenn, please could you add this script to my account,
(option to remove the current date from the date field when adding a new purchase invoice)
Also is it possible to add it to my sales invoices too please. Thank you.

Hi @jojo

This should be done for you. Can you try and let me know please?

You may need to log out and back in for it to take effect.