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Remove deleted credit notes

Good afternoon. Whilst messing around with credit notes I have created 2 with the expectancy of being able to amend them, but cannot. Please, is it possible to get them deleted and the count sent to 0 so the first genuine note is 001? Whilst I appreciate that this isn’t the ideal, this particular account has only been in use for a couple of days.

Account 6131544277, both deleted credit notes.

No. No invoices, purchases or credit notes are ever truly deleted in QuickFile, by design they persist in the “deleted” list to maintain the audit trail.

That said, if this is a brand new account and you’ve just been playing around with things but not entered any real data yet, there is the option to completely delete everything from the account and start over from scratch.

I fully appreciate everything in your reply Ian, however I can see on the forums that on numerous occasions QF support have undertakne similar requests and I have all of April to date’s data already in Quickfile and resetting will cost me a good 8 hours of work.

Hi @Normski

Unfortunately deleting documents (invoices, credit notes or estimates, for example) permanently isn’t something that can be done for the reasons outlined by @ian_roberts. This isn’t something we’re able to do from our end either I’m afraid.

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