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Remove GBP from Rate column?


I’ve created a customised invoice template but there’s one thing I can’t do. I want to remove the ‘(GBP)’ from the ‘Rate’ column header but it won’t - is that hard coded?


Using ‘.transform-taskHead_03’ I can change the word ‘Rate’ to something else but ‘(GBP)’ remains.

It doesn’t look like it uses an ::after pseudo class that can be hidden, so I can’t think of anything other than it being hard coded.

It looks odd with the ‘Each’ in the table below not having it; so while I am able to add ‘(GBP)’ after ‘Each’ to balance it, I’d rather not have ‘(GBP)’ in either.

Any ideas?


Hi @AnnieW

There isn’t currently a way to change this, but I will raise this with our development team to see if anything can be changed here.

Hi @AnnieW

This should now be updated. Would you mind checking and letting us know if this is now looking as expected?

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