Remove recent transactions on restricted users (IMPLEMENTED)

I have a user who is restricted to supplier set up and purchase invoice entry only, however on the dashboard you can still see the recent transactions at the bottom of the page which shows payments made and bank receipts - can I remove the recent transactions section of the dashboard for this user?

They may appear in the event log but when a user tries to click into the item it will not allow them to view the details.

I think we’d have to remove the event log entirely based on an additional privilege. Knowing how this part of the system works it may be difficult to selectively remove events. Right now I have put this in our mid-term development log, we will revisit this as soon as we have the time.

Just to update you here. We now hide all sales and purchase related events (in the event log) if a restriction has been applied to either the sales or purchase invoice and payment management screen.