Removing a bank transaction from a locked previous period

I need to balance my accounts because the balance in Quickfile is different from my bank balance (which is reassuringly more).

As I am in the Coop Bank uploading bank transactions is more complicated than it used to be. This is where I think it all started to go wrong.

I have found an agreeing balance between Quickfile and my bank account, but it is locked (grey) out as it is from a previous accounting period.

I have looked through available comments on-line and I understand the locked period can be changed - which I have done. However I still cannot delete the ‘wrong’ transactions.

Can you assist me please?

You will need to delete the year end journal as well as remove the locked date.

Hi Paul

I will try to be more specific:

The balance figure agrees with my bank accounts at 28/01/19

I want to get rid of the manual entries which are part of the non-balancing problem.

I have deleted all Journals from 31/01/2019 onwards.

My account lock date is 28/01/2019

I cannot delete, for example, the Payment to Google 01/02/2019.

I hope this is clearer.

Your certain you’ve deleted all journals after 31st Jan?

And your certain the accounting lock date has been unlocked?

Usually a greyed out x means the year is either locked or there’s a journal which hasn’t been deleted.


Please can you send @QFSupport a private message with your QuickFile account number in it so that we can take a look at it. It may be that it has been caught up in a VAT return.

Hi Beth my account number is: [removed]


Thank you for sending that through, I will remove it from the public forum. Can I just confirm that you would like the Google Payment on 01/02/2019 to be deleted?

Sorry Beth - certainly that needs deleting, but I need to be able to delete other greyed out figures form 31 Jan 19 onwards, as my balances are out by several miles. . .



I will send you a private message to get some more information from you :slight_smile:

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