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Removing assets once rebilled to client


I’ve been reading through the articles on the knowlege base about rebilling expenses to the client. I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question (I’m definitely not an accountant and new to this. ).

I’ve purchased a number of items for a client (no markup) and been able to create an invoice for the client using the ‘Rebilling Expenses’ process described.

It is computer equipment, so considered an asset. Is there anything else I need to do in addition to invoicing the client to remove the items from our ‘records’ so that they are no longer considered company assets? Or does something in the background of the ‘rebilling expenses’ process do this automatically?


When you entered the purchase invoices what category did you put them down as? By default these would be general purchases, which is what I would categorise equipment bought for customers as.

Computer Equipment. But you’re right, I should put them down as a generic item. I had seen an old knowledge base article (from 2016 prior to the rebilling feature being introduced) that they should go down as Miscellaneous Expenses.

Does it matter whether it is Miscellaneous Expenses or General Purchases?

I believe they are both in same purchase nominals category so won’t make much difference either way.

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