Removing Invoices

I have just set up a small limited company, and learning to use Quickfile and set up an invoice template.
I would welcome help with 2 things please?
I have created 2 test invoices to see how they look. Can I delete these and restart a new invoice with 00001?
Is there anyway you can preview an email template you have set up without actually creating an invoice?
Many Thanks

Hi Brizzle1965,
You can delete invoices but they are only hidden and out of your profit/loss calculation. On the invoices screen on the bottom right is a check box “deleted”. If you click it it will show all deleted invoices.
You can not start with invoice 00001 again because these invoices are still in your system. However if you have only test data in your quickfile account so far, you could clean/wipe your whole account by going to Account Settings>> Clear all data in your account. There you have the choice what data should be deleted completely. If you use this feature you should know that this data can not be recovered.
In general, it is better to “refund” unwanted invoices instead of deleting them. Is it just test data then it is maybe ok for now.

If you don’t want to wipe your whole account then you could change the numbers on your test invoices to something like “Test0001” and “Test0002”, then when you create your first real invoice you can renumber that to 000001 and subsequent ones should follow on in sequence. You have to renumber the test ones as you can’t use the same number twice even if one of them is marked “deleted”.

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Many thanks. Ive managed to clear these invoices from my account using the method you suggested.
Thanks for your help

Hi ian_roberts,
Thanks for that, I didn’t know that I can change the numbers. Something learned today.
Just one more question. I read somewhere that you must have contiguous numbers like 001, 002, 003 or a001 a002 or so. Is it because these are test invoices that you can break/ignore this rule?

The contiguous numbers thing comes from the regulations governing the format of VAT invoices specifically - a VAT invoice must have “a sequential number based on one or more series which uniquely identifies the document.”

Note the “or more” - it’s allowed to use multiple different formats in parallel (e.g. customerId-serialNo) as long as within each sequence the numbers are consecutive. The intention is that if you get a VAT inspection and the inspector spots invoices “XY-00153” and “XY-00155” then you’d better be able to produce “XY-00154” or have a very good explanation why it’s missing…

Changing the test invoices to test001 and test002 would satisfy this requirement.

Sequential numbering isn’t strictly required if you’re not VAT registered but it’s good practice anyway, if only so you don’t have to change your procedures when you hit the threshold.

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Or even keep the original numbers and just edit the invoice itself so you don’t have deleted or test data on a live account.

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