Removing VAT from Previous entries


I’ve just closed my Ltd Co and Quick Books account due to a change of Business, and I’ve setup a sole trader and a new Quickfile account and have paid for the Bank Remote Access. I’ve been trading from January and registered for VAT and have been accounting for VAT in my entries in Quick File (321 ledger items) but don’t have my VAT number yet. My accountant has suggested that I cancel my VAT reg when it does come through with HMRC due to turnover. Is there any easy way to remove the VAT aspect from each of my entries or do I need to manually adjust each one. Or…is it easier to just start again and reset my Quick File account and download the transactions again?



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Unfortunately you would have to edit the individual invoices to remove the VAT element. Do you have many invoices that would need to be edited?

If you were to

does that actually mean that you were never VAT registered in the first place, or just that you were registered for a short time and then stopped? Even if you haven’t yet received a VAT number, you will still owe VAT on any sales between your effective date of registration and the date you de-register, i.e. HMRC consider any income you received during that period to be inclusive of VAT. You probably want to discuss this more carefully with your accountant before you start changing things in QuickFile…

Thanks for coming back to me. There are no invoices to date but there are 52 purchases most of which I have already acounted for VAT with. I have disabled the VAT option in Company settings. If I click the receipt number, it shows the Purchase order with the VAT content. if I then click Modify it then shows the VAT content at 0 and the subtotal and total as the full amount?

Thanks for your reply. I have applied for VAT but was planning on claiming the VAT on expenses in helping setting up the new business. I won’t go into detail here but most of my business invoices won’t have any VAT due to them being income from the USA and will just be subject to income tax. I’ve decided I will either cancel my registration or de-register as soon as I get the VAT number. I don’t think HMRC will like me claiming back VAT on expenses and not charging VAT.