Rename categories

I run a charity.

Most of the transaction categories are not too useful.

Would it be possible to make the categories list more flexible: this means at least be able to show only the relevant ones? Moreover the process to create new categories is a bit convoluted at the moment and not intuitive.

Having too many categories complicates the situation and introduces the problem that if i have many collaborators i am not sure if they will use the same category i use every time…

The categories are actually based on the industry standard set recognised by most accountants. There are actually few reasons why you need to create new categories. The risk of removing this control is that novice users will delete many vital nominal codes and create new ones under the wrong headings. We decided pretty early on to adapt this format based on the problems we had witnessed first hand with users not fully understanding the purpose of nominal accounts. This can cause a lot of problems for accountants and push up processing costs for year-end submissions as accountants try to unwind the mispostings.

Hi Glenn
Thanks for your explanation. Can you comment on how specific the “Description” should be.

For example, If I purchase a hammer, should the description say “hammer” or could it simply say “tools”? If it OK to say “tools” the would save time when buy a lot of different types of tools from the same supplier over an extended period.

I am just start with quickfile. Looks good so far!
Very best Liam

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I would definitely avoid being too specific with your nominal codes. For that reason in your example I would go with something broad like “Tools”. If you start creating new nominal accounts for every item your accountant will have problems at the year end differentiating everything, stick to broad categories if you can.

If you’re in doubt where to post something, we do maintain a database of commonly queried items, you can search this database by clicking the “Help me choose a category” button on the purchase entry screen.