Rename filename of added files or images in payment or invoice

The software allows the user to attach an image or document to an invoice or payment. This feature is very useful.
It would be, at times, pretty useful to be able to change the filename.

I have different collaborators and have no guarantee that they would use my filename system for the images and document. If ever i will need to download some data from the system, it would be not very useful to have images called IMAGxxxxx.jpg.

At the moment, the only way to change the filename for an image is to download it, rename it locally and re-upload.

Would it be possible to extend this functionality?

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It’s certainly possible. I will leave this feature open for others to add their vote, we can revisit this as and when we review this part of the software.

I have been using Quick file for some time now and think its great, But because I have been using it for some time I can see a problem with how I have named my documents and receipts.

Being able to amend the document name would be great , not exactly the same as the comment above but I hope you thinks its close enough to be a useful comment

These are two slightly different things although when we review the document management system we will look at renaming receipts and documents. Unfortunately I can’t say at this stage when that will be.

We’ve just introduced the ability to rename files in the Document Manager and Receipt Hub, you can read more about this feature here:

Gosh that is brilliant when I posted this I didnt expect it to happen so quickly if at all thanks Glen

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