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Rename GoCardless Button


Is it possible to rename the “Pay using Go Cardless” button on the customer’s invoice page? Stripe says “Pay using Credit Card” and it would make more sense if GoCardless said “Pay using Direct Debit”.

Either as a user customisable thing or a general change. We have a lot of customers who have no idea what GoCardless is so don’t use it, yet would happily pay using Direct Debit. We would prefer customers use Direct Debit.


Hi Nick,

My only thought there is if we use the term ‘Direct Debit’ then the customer may assume it’s a recurring payment? We could maybe label it “Pay by bank transfer” ?

Well in our context that is exactly what we want. We are billing for broadband services so its a recurring bill each month. At the moment they keep paying by Credit Card but when asked why they didn’t setup a direct debit the universal response is “we didn’t know that was an option” followed by “oh is that what GoCardless is?”.

But I appreciate your comments for other users that might not be the same experience.

How about in the Payment Gateway setup an option to change the label (and if not specified it uses the default as current)?


I think allowing this to be customised is the best approach. We’ll look into this in the next few days.

Will mark as ‘Planned’ for now.

Sounds useful for us too although, ideally, we would want to be able to set alternative text for recurring and one-off invoices.

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